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Everyday you learn something new. This had been my life motto since a year now and still is next to everything happens for a reason. I have learned some bigger lessons the last few weeks. Both negative and positive. To… Read more
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A Mental Blender.

The world is just a weird place. No one can explain how we got here. No one knows what will happen the next few seconds. All is unknown. I think. I call it an imperfect rollercoaster where we should be… Read more
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Picking Petals.

There I go…  Picking one petal off a flower. Then the other one. It’s kinda how my head works these weeks. Especially when it comes to work, my creativity, and Movement Is Freedom. Yesterday I noticed Liberty her quote on… Read more
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How To Move

As you may know by now, we didn’t start Movement Is Freedom to become a super famous blog or to post every day. We post once in a while to update and inspire YOU. The last weeks have been b-u-s-y.… Read more

003. Miami On Sundays

B A G A T E L L E & W Y N W O O D Sunday brunchin’ at Bagatelle, Miami Beach. You don’t know what you get yourself into! Half drunk from all the mimosa’s we continued our… Read more