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There I go…  Picking one petal off a flower. Then the other one. It’s kinda how my head works these weeks. Especially when it comes to work, my creativity, and Movement Is Freedom. Yesterday I noticed Liberty her quote on…
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  • howtomove

How To Move

As you may know by now, we didn’t start Movement Is Freedom to become a super famous blog or to post every day. We post once in a while to update and inspire YOU. The last weeks have been b-u-s-y.… Read more

003. Miami On Sundays

B A G A T E L L E & W Y N W O O D Sunday brunchin’ at Bagatelle, Miami Beach. You don’t know what you get yourself into! Half drunk from all the mimosa’s we continued our… Read more
  • mxf_fearx

When Fear Comes Around.

Promising myself to write every Friday is something I failed on already after two weeks. The thing is, I didn’t feel myself. Worked all day, had stress, didn’t go to the gym, only ate carbs (which make me more lazier)… Read more
  • mxf_rebeltimes

Rebel Times

Waarom ben ik gestopt met school? Op dit moment zit ik in de trein onderweg naar Dusseldorf voor een press trip. Het hele weekend staat vol gepland met bezoeken aan musea en galleries. 7.24 stond ik op Den Haag Centraal… Read more